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Sodick Europe
High Speed and High Precision Linear Hole Drilling EDM Machine


The K4HL is built by making the most Sodick’s proven know-how with the successful Wire-cut and Sink EDM range to ensure the highest level of accuracy, incorporates Sodick linear motor drives on X, Y and Z axes.

Additional options that can be specified for the machine include a rotary table, Automatic Tool Changer (ATC), Lower Guide Changer (LGC), Automatic Electrode Feeder Changer (AEF-C) and a probe unit to measure and adjust the tilt angel of the work-piece.

Data Sheet


  • 10-year guarantee on positioning accuracy
  • Linear Motor (X/Y/Z axis)
  • Linear scale (X/Y/Z axis)
  • W-axis digital
  • Sodick Motion Controller
  • Linear motor cooling unit
  • Dielectric fluid cooling unit
  • SPK controller
  • 15" TFT colour screen
  • Remote controller
  • LN Professional software for optimum condition search
  • Through-hole detection
  • Intermediate guides
  • AEF (Automatic Electrode Feeder)
  • LAN interface
  • USB port
  • Spindle with max. 1,000 rpm
  • Work light


  • Rotary Table
  • ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
  • AEF Changer
  • LGC (Lower Guide Changer)
  • Active Power Restart (UPS)
  • 8-axis simultaneous control SPK-E
  • Probe unit